Mixer tabs

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The Mixer tabs control the low-latency foldback mixers which are available for each analogue output pair, plus the stereo digital and headphone outputs.  The mixers are enabled using the drop-list controls on the Output Setup tab, which are duplicated in the output strip of each respective mixer.



Each input channel has a fader, a high-resolution peak meter, with overload indication 0.05dB below clipping, plus mute and solo buttons and a pan-pot.  By engaging the 'Stereo' button beneath an input pair, the pair is controlled by a single stereo fader, mute button and solo button, and the pan-pots are replaced by a single balance control.  The DAW contribution and output strip are always in stereo mode.


Note that if the mixer tab is not active (because the output pair is in 'DAW' mode), the mixer controls are still available but the output mode control in th output strip is highlighted in red.


For more information, see Output mixers in the hardware section.