Headphone outputs

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The headphone outputs signal path differs from Orpheus' other output signal paths in a couple of respects.


Firstly, the 'DAW'/'MIX' switch has a third 'BUS' position in the case of the headphones.  This means that as well as outputting the DAW headphone feeds directly ('DAW'), or outputting a mix of inputs plus the DAW headphone feeds ('MIX'), the headphone outputs can be switched across any of the other output pairs (except for the ADAT outputs).  In the Output Setup tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet, just above the 'DAW'/'MIX/'BUS' selectors is a row of radio buttons for selecting which output pair is monitored by the headphone outputs in 'BUS' mode.  Note that the headphone monitoring point of the outputs is before the application of the assignable gain control (if assigned).


Second, the headphone outputs cannot be assigned to the assignable gain control.  This is because they already have dedicated volume controls on the front panel.