Metering system

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Orpheus' front panel meters can meter the level of either inputs or outputs as selected in the Unit Settings tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.  A 'Follow Global' setting is also available which allows the input/output mode of all front panel meters in a multi-unit system to be switched simultaneously.  The left-most eight meters show the levels of the eight analogue inputs (or outputs); the right-most two meters show the level of the S/PDIF inputs (or outputs).  The bar-graphs change colour progressively from blue, through green to orange as signal level increases.  A red 'overload' LED is lit if the signal reaches -0.05dBFS.  Each of the eight analogue meters has an indicator beneath which shows when the Overkiller (progressive limiter) is active in the case of an analogue input.


Within the Orpheus Control Panel applet, the Input Setup tab shows the levels of the eight analogue and two S/PDIF inputs (as per the front panel, including Overkiller indicators), and the Output Setup tab shows the levels of the eight analogue and two S/PDIF outputs (as per the front panel) plus the headphones level.  The Mixer tabs show levels of all inputs and the stereo output of each mixer.  The ADAT tab shows the levels of all eight ADAT send and return channels.