Sample-rate converter

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A two-channel sample-rate converter (SRC) can be activated in the S/PDIF output if desired.  This provides very high-quality conversion of  the output signal from Orpheus' current sample rate to any standard rate between 44.1kHz and 192kHz.  The SRC is selected in the Unit Settings tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.  Note that the SRC can be configured in the S/PDIF input, or in the S/PDIF output, but not in both simultaneously.


When using an SRC in the S/PDIF output, it is necessary to select a synchronization source and sample rate for the converted output.  The sync source can be local, DI (the S/PDIF input) or the Wordclock input.  These settings are made in the Output Setup tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.


Note that presence of an SRC in the S/PDIF output is shown by an indicator beneath the digital meter on the unit's front panel (providing that the unit's meters are in Output mode).