DI synchronization

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Note that it is necessary to ensure that the sample clock of any digital audio input is synchronous with Orpheus' sample clock (unless the SRC is active in the digital input path).  This can be achieved either by synchronizing Orpheus to the source (by using DI or ADAT sync source), or by synchronizing the source to Orpheus' S/PDIF, ADAT or Wordclock output.   Orpheus also has a Wordclock sync input for synchronization to Wordclock-equipped sources or house syncs.


The Input Settings tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet contains an indicator to show that the S/PDIF input is ASYNChronous (i.e. there is an S/PDIF signal present but it is not synchronous with Orpheus' sample clock.


For more information about synchronization settings, see the Synchronization section and also the section describing the Unit Settings tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.