System requirements

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Orpheus will work with any modern host PC or Mac with a suitable operating system and FireWire 400 port.  Macs (both Intel and PowerPC platforms are supported) must be running OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard or later; PCs must be running Windows XP, Vista (32-bit) or later.


This is not to say that the computing power of the host is unimportant, but it is more a requirement of the application than of Orpheus.  If you need to record or playback large numbers of channel, perhaps at high sample rates or with a lot of processing or plug-ins, you will need a host computer with a fast processor and bus, plenty of RAM, and probably a fast hard disk too.  On the other hand, playback of moderate channel counts at lower sample rates can be accomplished with even a modest computer.


A good way to gauge this is to be guided by the system requirements of the audio software which you are intending to use.  For more information about this, see the Stability and latency section.