Quick start for Windows

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To install the Orpheus software, your PC must be running Windows XP or Vista (32-bit), or later.  You need a spare FireWire 400 (IEEE1394A) port.


Connect your Orpheus to the mains supply with the power-cord provided.  DO NOT connect it to the PC yet.


Insert the installation disc into a DVD-ROM drive on your PC.


If the PC is set to 'Autoplay' , installation will begin automatically, otherwise double-click on the "setup.exe" icon in the root folder of the disc.


Follow the on-screen instructions.


The Orpheus device's ports should now be visible to Windows and any applications as both ASIO and a WDM audio ports, and a bidirectional MIDI port.  Note that only the first two ADAT ports (if enabled by the Orpheus Control Panel applet) are visible in the WDM case.


NOTE: Do not connect the Orpheus unit to the FireWire port of the PC until instructed to do so during the installation process.


NOTE: Orpheus' drivers are have not been submitted for Windows Logo testing, and so warnings of this will be issued during installation.  Select 'Continue anyway' when these occur.