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Prism Media Products Inc. (PMPI) Distribution represents leading brands in audio and home entertainment for the American markets. PMPI has East and West coast offices and has been established since 1995. Originally set up to serve US clients for Prism Sound, PMPI Distribution now handles several brands:

Who we represent
Prism Sound products include professional audio recording interfaces for native applications and for Pro Tools systems (Pro Tools is a trademark of AVID) as well as high-quality analogue outboard processors by Maselec.

Prism Sound also manufactures high quality audio test equipment, and has a team of experts who can provide the support you need to help you throughout the product development and manufacturing cycle. The benefit of this approach is that you can develop your R&D, verification and production tests in parallel, leading to a significant reduction in your time to market.

SADiE recording and editing software is a world-renowned suite of tools for high-quality audio recording, editing, post production and mastering. SADiE is well known in mastering, classical and live performance music recording, radio production and in location recording for outside broadcast or concerts.

Maselec - some of the highest precision analogue processing tools in the world. Engineered to do their designated task to perfection and nothing more, these tend to be minimalist designs aiming for accuracy and transparency rather than "character" - highly regarded in mastering.

Imerge makes the award-winning MS1-HD multi-zone home entertainment server system, providing a hard-disc-based media library on its branded XiVASafe RAID storage arrays with integrated on-line music purchasing through the XiVA music store.

XiVA musicm8 is a ripping NAS unit providing an easy to use streaming media server for home networks compatible with leading network player devices such as Sonos, Logitech and Arcam as well as Xbox, PS3 and Windows and MAC computers.
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