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Logging and Transcription News

TRANSERV G2 released

The second generation of the TRANSERV logging and transcription system is now up and running.  Based around a MySQL database engine, with an all new modular approach, the new distributed architecture gives greatly increased resilience, flexibility and speed.  The modular nature of the system allows the recording functionality to be separate from the database management which can in turn be separate from the file serving functions, even to the extent that they can be on separate servers which can be in separate locations if required.  This makes it possible to take down one server or module without taking down the others.   Multiple servers can also be optimised for their particular tasks to increase the  speed or resilience of the system as a whole.  Basing the storing of data around a MySQL database gives super fast indexing and access to stored data as well as providing far more flexibility to store and organise many millions of indexed recordings.  

The client software has also be completely re-written in the .NET framework and yields tangible benefits to the speed and functionality of the system. One simple example is the ability of the TRANSERV system to record in the past.  Traditionally users have enabled a TRANSERV recording and the recording commences immediately.  Now with the G2 TRANSERV it is possible to enable a recording that  starts a pre-defined time before the button has been pressed meaning no more missed phrases or words due to reaction time of the operator.  

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