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Prism Sound's Queen's Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2011

TRANSERV Operations and Call Centre Applications

Telephone ‘call centres’ represent a growth market driven by the increasing number of businesses dealing directly with customers over the phone.

All the financial call centres are using voice recording for transaction verification and as part of the battle against fraud. Within other call centre sectors, voice recording is used for verification, training, improved customer response management and quality assurance.

The growth in call centres, both in the numbers of sites and in the volume of transactions, has created the demand for voice recording systems with the capability of storing large volumes of calls. To meet this demand new generation recorders such as TRANSERV provide automated recording and easy to use methods of rapidly identifying and retrieving call information together with the associated audio recordings. With ever more complex CTI applications being constantly introduced to meet this call centre data explosion it is vital that the voice recorder system provides an easy to use interface for the agent and the centre managers.

In today's busy call centre the agent is connected to a sophisticated combination of telephone switch and computer based information system (e.g. a CTI server). Agents interact with a client database that may interface with the CTI server. At the point that the call is directed to the agent, the call related information such as agent ID, dialled number, CLI etc. is known. A sophisticated recorder like TRANSERV can associate this call-related data with the audio files ensuring that location of the desired recording is a breeze.

The agent will make database entries regarding the call, recording key client details, the nature of the call and the status of the customer transactions. This main client database carries the centre's business critical information and it is vital that there is seamless integration between the voice recorder and the database. Here the ability to trigger the immediate retrieval and playback of a recording from within your database can enhance your quality of service and the security of your transactions.

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