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Prism Sound's Queen's Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2011

TRANSERV Military and Security Applications

Military applications present a harsh and demanding environment, where high performance, flexibility and outstanding reliability are pre-requisites for any recorder supplier. A number of national and international agencies carry out surveillance for military, law enforcement and/or security purposes. The requirements of this group of users are determined by the type of audio source in use and the need for immediate response to monitored events.

There are three main source types: microphones, communications intercept and radio traffic. Here TRANSERV's unique, modular, network architecture provides a flexible approach for audio interfaces.

Typical operational surveillance for law enforcement or military purposes requires action to be taken immediately in response to monitored activity. In the case of telephone monitoring a typical requirement is the ability to monitor the status of a number of input lines and then be able to switch rapidly to a selected line when key target criteria are met and listen-in when the line becomes active. In this situation the recorder has to provide this live listen capability as well as recording the target transactions. TRANSERV & TRANSERV Browser provide this function as well as allowing multiple users to simultaneously access the files being recorded.

Recorded audio is often analysed and transcribed to identify key passages. Usually written reports will be generated describing events occurring over a number of hours. An efficient user interface for review and transcription of recordings is important in this type of application. Here customers have highlighted the clarity and efficiency of the TRANSERV Browser workstation user interface as a key reason for selecting the system.

Latest developments include integration of TRANSERV Browser functionality with third-party software such as MS-Word or MS-Access allowing transcription and report-generation in a familiar word-processor environment and an easy means of organizing and retrieving recordings on a wide range of criteria. These new facilities allow rapid extraction of sound clips and transcripts which may then be instantly e-mailed to any remote location.

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