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The analogue input channels include a switchable Prism Sound 'Overkiller' circuit.  The Overkiller is an instantaneous progressive limiter which protects against converter overload by a margin of up to 10dB, gently absorbing transients and allowing recording levels to be raised without risk.  The Overkillers in Atlas operate identically to those in other Prism Sound converters; they can be used with any input mode (line, mic or instrument), and their operating thresholds are automatically adjusted for any gain setting.


The Overkillers are switched on and off in the Inputs tab of the Atlas Control Panel app.  A per-channel indication of Overkiller activity is provided both on the front panel of the unit (below each meter, if the meters are in 'Input' mode), and also in the Inputs tab.  Note that these indicators are dynamic, and show when the Overkiller is actually limiting.