Rear panel

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Atlas's rear panel contains all Atlas's connections, except for the instrument inputs and headphone output, which are on the front panel.


From left to right (viewed from rear):


6A IEC inlet (regional power cord supplied): adjacent is the mains fuse holder.


RJ45 100Mbps Ethernet port: reserved for future use.


USB 2.0 device port for connection to host computer (cable supplied).


Wordclock output and input BNC sockets: the Wordclock output can supply base-clock or 256x clock if required.  See the Synchronization section.


MDIO module slot: allows connection to a non-USB host via an optional MDIO (multi-channel IO) expansion module, as described in the MDIO expansion slot section.


MIDI output and input DIN connectors: allows connection of MIDI equipment.


TOSLINK output and input: can be used for S/PDIF (up to 192kHz sample rate) or ADAT (44.1kHz/48kHz, or 88.2kHz/96kHz in SMUX mode).  See Digital inputs and Digital outputs.


S/PDIF output and input RCA sockets: these can also be operated as AES3 interfaces (RCA-XLR and XLR-RCA adapter cables supplied).  See Digital inputs and Digital outputs.


Line output TRS jacks 1-8: switchable +4dBu/-10dBV level, can operate in balanced or unbalanced mode. See Analogue outputs.


Mic/Line input combos 1-8: with 10dB to 65dB finely-adjustable gain and switchable -20dB pad phantom power for microphones, switchable +4dBu/-10dBV sensitivity in balanced or unbalanced mode for line inputs.  See Analogue inputs.