MS matrix

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Analogue input channels 1-4 have switchable MS matrices.  These are intended for use with 'mid-side' stereo microphones, where sum and difference signals are derived from the two input channels creating left and right output channels.  The MS matrices are also available in instrument and line modes, allowing external microphone preamplifiers without matrixing to be used. 


Note that there is no explicit stereo width control provided in the matrix; however width can be adjusted by balancing the gains of the mid and side inputs - the gain steps of the Orpheus microphone preamplifiers are fine and precise.  In line input mode, no fine gain adjustment is available, so if the Orpheus MS matrices are used with external preamplifiers, these must have fine and accurate gain control if width adjustment is required.


The MS matrices are switched on and off in the Input Setup tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.