Analogue inputs

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All eight analogue input channels feature balanced line inputs on TRS jacks, with dual switchable sensitivity to allow connection to professional or consumer line-level sources.  The '+4dBu' setting accommodates professional signals with a nominal level of +4dBu and allows a maximum level of +18dBu (0dBFS).  The '-10dBV' setting accommodates consumer signals with a nominal level of -10dBV and allows a maximum level of +6dBu (0dBFS).Unbalanced sources are automatically accommodated.


Input channels 1-4 also have balanced XLR microphone inputs, with gains variable from 10dB to 65dB in accurate 1dB steps, and with individually switchable phantom power.


Input channels 1 and 2 also have high-impedance front-panel unbalanced instrument jacks, also with fine and accurate gain control.


Selection of input modes is automatic: line input mode is automatically selected on channels 1-4 whenever a TRS jack is inserted into the rear-panel combo connector, otherwise mic input mode is selected.  On channels 1 and 2, mic input mode is automatically over-ridden whenever a mono jack is inserted in the front-panel instrument jack.


The input mode and phantom power state of channels 1-4 is indicated on the front panel of the unit, and also in the Input Setup tab of the Orpheus Control Panel applet.  Line, mic and instrument gains are also adjusted in the Input Setup tab, as is selection of the Overkiller, high-pass filter and MS matrix functions described in the following sections.