Mac installation

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The Orpheus Control Panel applet can be installed on Macs with either PowerPC or Intel processors.  You need a spare FireWire 400 (IEEE1394A) port. You must have OS X 10.4 Tiger, or 10.5 Leopard, or later.  No driver is required, since OS X can interface to Orpheus directly. 


If you have Tiger, a patch must be installed before installing Orpheus - see the instructions at the end of this section.


The full installation procedure is as follows:


Connect your Orpheus to the mains supply with the power-cord provided.  DO NOT connect it to the Mac yet.


Insert the installation disc into a DVD-ROM drive on your Mac.


If 'Autorun' is not enabled, double-click on the DVD-ROM device


Double-click on the "Install_Orpheus" package:


A dialogue box will guide you through the installation process; click 'Continue':




A copy of the Orpheus EULA will appear, which you should read:




Agree to the EULA by clicking 'Agree':




Select a destination volume for the installation, if necessary:




Click 'Upgrade' to perform a basic installation::




You may need to enter an administrator's name and password.  Click 'OK':




The installation process will then complete:




When software installation is complete, close the box and connect the Orpheus unit to the FireWire port of the Mac.


The Orpheus device's ports should now be visible in Audio/MIDI Setup as Core Audio ports.


NOTE: Do not connect the Orpheus unit to the FireWire port of the Mac until software installation is complete.


Remember to register your Orpheus at



OS X 10.4 Tiger patch


To ensure correct operation of Orpheus, users of OS X 10.4 Tiger must install a 'patch' before following the Orpheus installation procedure.  The patch is provided by Apple, but is not part of the routine Tiger online update process.  A copy of the patch can be found on the Orpheus installation disc.


Before installing the patch, ensure that your Mac has been updated to at least version 10.4.11.  This should happen automatically if online updates are enabled.


Locate and double-click the following patch package on the installation disc:


       AppleFWAudio-2.2.0f c9-e1.pkg


The patch will overwrite files in he directory:




So be sure to back up this directory before applying the patch. In the worst case, the original files can be restored from the OS X installation disc.


You are now ready to proceed with Orpheus installation as described above.