General information
Introduction to Orpheus
System requirements
About this manual
Quick start guides
Quick start for Mac
Quick start for Windows
Installation procedures
Mac installation
Windows installation
Cascading multiple units
Orpheus hardware
Signal path architecture
Analogue inputs
High-pass filter
MS matrix
Digital inputs
Sample-rate converter
DI synchronization
Analogue outputs
Digital outputs
Sample-rate converter
DO synchronization
Output mixers
Assignable level control
Headphone outputs
Metering system
Front panel
Rear panel
Fuses and ratings
Stand-alone operation
Rack mounting
Orpheus software
Orpheus Control Panel
Unit and Global settings
Input Setup tab
Output Setup tab
Mixer tabs
ADAT tab
Orpheus drivers
Technical topics
Stability and latency
Clocking and jitter
Dither and noise-shaping
Analogue interconnections

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