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Wednesday Webinars

Wednesday Webinars is a series of free web based seminars covering a range of technical issues surrounding audio test and measurement.

To attend, select the webinar you are interested in then register for the session you want to attend. You will be sent an email with the session login details. For further information on how the webinars work, please see the Webinar Info Page

Upcoming Webinars

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clock icon How to choose Amplifiers and Power Supplies
In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to select a power supply or amplifier for OEM speaker design using basic measurements and simple calculations
  • How to evaluate the ever increasing supply of off-the-shelf audio electronics and select the right power supply or amplifier for your powered speaker design
  • How testing is integrated with LabVIEW and dScope Series III

Sessions: 10th December 2014 at 14:00 , 10th December 2014 at 18:00 , (UTC/GMT)

Audio Test & Measurement Webinars on demand

play icon   ADCs for Audio: Measurements Made Easy
play icon   Advanced FFT Analysis for Audio Applications
play icon   Audio Amplifiers: Burst Distortion and Practical Measurement Workshop
play icon (language = de)     Audioverstärker - Burst Distorsion und praktische Messanwendungen - ein Workshop!
play icon   Beyond THD+N: How does your power amplifier REALLY perform?
play icon   Bitesize: FFT Fundamentals
play icon   Bluetooth Headset Testing
play icon   Bluetooth audio device testing
play icon   Evaluating Audio DAC Performance
play icon   Evaluating Audio DACs: Performance, Diagnostics and Test Automation
play icon   Increase Your Throughput: High Speed Multi-tone Audio Test
play icon   Loudspeaker System Analysis
play icon   Loudspeaker System Design Part 1: Enclosure Design, High Power Levels and FINEBox
play icon   Loudspeaker System Design Part 2: Crossover Optimization and FINE X-over
play icon   Loudspeaker Transducer Design Part 1: Motor Structures and FINEMotor
play icon   Loudspeaker Transducer Design Part 2: Cones, Domes Soft Parts and FINECone
play icon (language = de)     Optimieren Sie die Qualitätsprüfung in der Produktion: Mit der Multi-Tone Messung zum High Speed Audiotest!
play icon   Portable Music Player Loudness: Are your customers safe?
play icon   Same speaker, different data?
play icon   Test Techniques for Tablets and other Playback-Only Audio Devices
play icon   Test strategies for reliable, high-quality AES3 digital audio in HD Radio and DTV.
play icon   Testing Soundcards and Professional Audio Interfaces
play icon   The CALM Act is coming. Is your loudness meter compliant?

Recent Webinars

Recent webinars for which the download is not yet available
(language = fr)   Les fondamentaux de la FFT
(language = de)   FFT Grundlagen: Die 6 elementaren Schritte im Audio Test & Measurement